The Attacking King – Nigel Short vs Jan Timman 1991 1-0

Short, Nigel D2660

Timman, Jan H2630



Annotated by Rogers,I

1.e4Nf62.e5Nd53.d4d64.Nf3g65.Bc4Nb66.Bb3Bg77.Qe2Nc68.O-OO-O9.h3 !By preventing …Bg4 White ensures that Black will be unable to lay siege to the e5 pawn, keeping Black’s bishop on g7 permanently out of play.9…a510.a4dxe511.dxe5Nd412.Nxd4Qxd413.Re1e614.Nd2 !Nd515.Nf3Qc516.Qe4Qb4Black is trying to prevent the transfer of White’s queen to h4 but Short is prepared to ruin his pawn structure and give up the bishop pair just to gain h4 for his queen.17.Bc4 !Nb618.b3 !Nxc419.bxc4Re820.Rd1Qc521.Qh4b622.Be3Qc6 ?!Now White is free to pursue his kingside attack without hindrance.22…Qf8was necessary.23.Bh6Bh824.Rd8 !Bb725.Rad1Bg726.R8d7 !Against other moves26.Qe7(now answered by26…Bxh6) would have been very strong.26…Rf8After26…Bxh627.Qxh6White threatens 28.Rxf7!.26…Qe427.Rxf7 !!Timman saw this move too late (Anand).27.Bxg7Kxg728.R1d4Rae829.Qf6+Kg830.h4h531.Kh2Rc8Black must remain passive since31…Bc8allows32.g4 !hxg432…Bxd733.gxh533.Ng5 !Bxd734.h5 !with a winning attack. Now White has a fine attacking position but the immobility of his knight on f3 prevents an immediate knockout. However Short finds a phenomenal idea -to use his king as part of the mating attack.32.Kg3 !Rce833.Kf4 !Bc834.Kg5 !!34.Kg5 !!Bxd735.Kh6 !Black cannot avoid mate on g7.1–0

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