The Attacking King – Nigel Short vs Jan Timman 1991 1-0

Short, Nigel D2660 Timman, Jan H2630 Tilburg4 1991Tilburg Annotated by Rogers,I 1.e4Nf62.e5Nd53.d4d64.Nf3g65.Bc4Nb66.Bb3Bg77.Qe2Nc68.O-OO-O9.h3 !By preventing …Bg4 White ensures that Black will be unable to lay siege to the e5 pawn, keeping Black’s bishop on g7 permanently out of play.9…a510.a4dxe511.dxe5Nd412.Nxd4Qxd413.Re1e614.Nd2 !Nd515.Nf3Qc516.Qe4Qb4Black is trying to prevent the transfer of White’s queen to h4 but Short is prepared to ruin …

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A Masterpiece of Alexander Alekhine

Alexander Alekhine Max Euwe Notated by Alexander Alekhine2 October 7, 1937Rotterdam NED 1.d4Notes by Alekhine1…d52.c4c63.Nf3Nf64.Nc3dxc45.a4Bf56.Ne5I considered it vital to find out immediately what defence my opponent had in mind against the line he himself adopted in the first game.6…e6! Played twice by Bogoljuboff against me in the 1929 match. As the experiment did not succeed …

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