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This class has been designed for children who already know how all the pieces move and capture. This is not a class for first-time beginners.

What you’ll learn

    • Some special moves and rules of a chess game such as en-passant, castling, promotion, stalemate and draw situations
    • Opening principle
    • Basic strategy
    • Rapid development, mobility, fighting and control of the center
    • Learn from classical chess masters’ games
    • The basic tactic patterns
    • Several endgame concepts such as opposition, the square of pawn
    • Algebraic chess notation
    • The coordinates of the chessboard.

After completing this course, you will master all 64 squares on the chessboard and know how to play a game of chess correctly.

 Every Chess Master was Once a beginner! – Irving Chernev



This class has been designed for children who already know how to play chess, already play tournaments or are interested in competing in chess tournaments.

    • Children will reinforce their knowledge about development of peace, the center, and king’s safety.
    • Children will learn how to make an evaluation of a chess position
    • Decision-making process in chess; reasoning and intuition
    • How to launch an attack on opposite flanks
    • How to evaluate a chess position
    • When to simply the chess pieces
    • Learn tactical motifs such as deflection, sacrifice, skewers, pins, forks, and pawn structure.
    • The basic king and pawns endgames

After completing this course, you will be able to confidently play a chess tournament already with a firm grasp of the game and fearlessly participate in city-wide open competitions for beginners. 

Get ready for a new world of adventures in chess tournaments, you will make new friends for life and feel proud of everything you have achieved on the chess board and in life.


This class has been designed for chess players above 600 rating level.

      • The importance of the rapid development of the chess pieces.
      • The safety of the king during the opening
      • Learn from the typical mistakes made by less experienced chess players during the opening
      • Learn about the classical games of chess champions during the opening
        • Expand your knowledge on how to evaluate a chess position
        • Decision-making process in chess; reasoning and intuition
        • Mastery of minor pieces
        • How to avoid and take advantage of badly placed pieces (LPDO)
        • Every class lot of tournament practices with chess notation and chess clocks.

      After completing this course, you will have a solid understanding of the game. Also, you will be eager to play confidently in chess tournament individually and as a team. You could be the one to score the point that determines whether a gold or silver medal is awarded to your team. Some students will already be participating bravely in open competitions held at city-wide events for players their own age, as well as against more experienced competitors.

      Start your path to chess mastery right away!

Our outmost goal is to motivate our students and to cultivate in them exciting interest in the game by just teaching with passion and joy.

Tatiana D Brea — Founder
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