2023/24 Chesskiddo In-Person and Virtual Chess Masterclass

In-Person & Virtual Masterclasses on Weekdays and Weekend.

Our amazing students embody sportsmanship, take ownership of their actions, and make motivational choices with a fierce determination to succeed. We’re proud of them and excited to see what they’ll achieve!

Every Chess Master was Once a beginner!”

- Irving Chernev

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Chesskiddo in Princeton, NJ provides in-person and virtual chess lessons for individuals aged five and over. Coach Tatiana offers tailored, interactive teaching to enhance chess skills while also providing noted cognitive and social benefits, such as improved self-motivation, self-assurance, imagination, and logical thinking. Chess study has also been linked to increased personal discipline, improved sportsmanship, greater tolerance, and other advantages.


A chess tournament is a great way to evaluate your child's chess skills. By participating in our tournament, you can ignite your child's passion for chess and unlock their full potential. Connect with like-minded players, foster camaraderie, and witness their growth and transformation. Let their passion for chess shine on the grand stage.

Chesskiddousa students participate in a group chess class.


Chesskiddo offers group classes taught by skilled chess masters to quickly and effectively teach your child chess. Our passionate teachers prioritize fun and engagement while encouraging healthy competition. We prioritize communication in a supportive environment to develop analytical, critical thinking, social, and leadership skills. Chesskiddo offers the ultimate learning experience for your child to thrive on and off the board!

Coach Tatiana

Our program fosters strategic thinking and lifelong skills through personalized chess coaching. From beginners to experienced players, our preparation for chess tournaments and intellectual growth helps children excel and develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities that will benefit them in all areas of life. Enroll your child today and witness their transformation as they dominate the chessboard with calculated moves and gain invaluable skills.


Join our comprehensive chess blog community for the latest news, seasoned player tips, game analyses, and a user-friendly interface tailored for anyone from novice to an advanced chess level, including enthusiasts, parents, and teachers.

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Trial Lesson

Start with a 25-minute trial lesson to explain exactly what you need to improve in your chess game and experience the benefits of an individual lesson tailored to YOU.

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1. Live instructional interaction between the coach and peers Interactive and supervised chess matches 2. All students will be given individual assignments related to their level. 3. Classes taught by chess masters with extensive teaching experience. 4. No pre-recorded sessions.


1. If your child doesn't know how to use a mouse, then a touch-screen device is preferable for the virtual lesson. 2. While not required, it is preferable to use the chrome browser. 3. Why should I use Google Chrome? It is quick and safe. 4. A chess set is not required for the virtual class.

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