2022/23 Chesskiddo In-Person and Virtual Chess Masterclass

In-Person & Virtual Masterclasses on Weekdays and Weekend.

Our students learn about accountability, sportsmanship, motivation, passion for the game and the path to success.

Every Chess Master was Once a beginner!”

- Irving Chernev

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Chesskiddo is a chess school offering in-person private and group chess lessons in the Princeton area for all ages (5 years and up). Also, it offers virtual private and group chess classes to students from across the United States and the world. If you are looking to help your child improve their chess skills, chesskiddo is the best place for him or her to do so. Coach Tatiana can certainly take your child to the next level. Scientific research on the benefits of chess has shown that chess stimulates personal motivation, self-confidence, imagination, and logical thinking. Also, chess can be a tool to improve children’s discipline, sportsmanship, and tolerance, among other things.


A chess tournament is a great way to evaluate your child's chess skills. Furthermore, it energizes children and piques their interest in chess in a tournament setting.

Chesskiddousa students participate in a group chess class.


Chesskiddo classes are open for children + 5 years old up. Our small 6- to 9-size classrooms make it easy for all children to feel included and able to interact with their chess coach and classmates.

Coach Tatiana

Let Prepare your Child to Excel Over the Chessboard and in Life. I work with school chess players of all ages, preparing them for chess tournaments while also developing a distinct intellectual culture for life.


This blog was created to help my chess students, parents, and educators view and learn about chess more systematically.

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1. Live instructional interaction between the coach and peers Interactive and supervised chess matches 2. All students will be given individual assignments related to their level. 3. Classes taught by chess masters with extensive teaching experience. 4. No pre-recorded sessions.


1. If your child doesn't know how to use a mouse, then a touch-screen device is preferable for the virtual lesson. 2. While not required, it is preferable to use the chrome browser. 3. Why should I use Google Chrome? It is quick and safe. 4. A chess set is not required for the virtual class.

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